Do I need any special tropical medicine qualifications to volunteer?
No you do not need any tropical medicine qualifications however if you do have any it is an added advantage.

What is the main medical work at the clinic?
The patients presenting at the clinic are similar to patients attending an out- patient department at any busy hospital or General Practitioners service. Surgical procedures are performed by visiting consultants.

Where will I live?
All short-term volunteers live our volunteer centre in the village. The centre is managed by Chris and Noleen who also manage Thumbi View lodge which is also located in the village. The centre on the beach, less than a ten minute walk from the clinic. There is a reasonable charge for the accommodation.

Are there many volunteers there at the same time?
Volunteer numbers can vary according to our needs at the time.

Can medical or nursing students come to the clinic?
Medical students can take part in our elective programme in the clinic at certain times during the year. There is a weekly charge for medical/ nursing students participating in the elective programme.

Do I need to fundraise?
You do not need to fundraise although many volunteers do bring donations of money and/ or medication with them. You need to pay for your travel to and from Malawi plus all vaccinations, which are recommended.

Do you have a wish list of medicines you need?
We send our wish list once a placement has been offered and accepted by an individual.

What is the cost of living locally?
Current estimates for living expenses for volunteers is approximately 600 Euro per month including accommodation.

What is local transport like?
Local transport is reasonably frequent but notoriously slow and hazardous.

Do I need to have a medical?
No, a medical is not required. However there is a health section on the application form which we require to be completed.

Do I have to organise my professional registration in Malawi?
Yes. Both nurses and doctors are required to register with their respective registration bodies in Malawi. Doctors are also required to do an orientation programme in the district hospital.

Who pays for this?
The volunteer is responsible all costs connected with the registration process.

Do you consider people who are retired?
Yes. Older and experienced applicants are especially welcomed.

Do you consider people who want to bring their family with them?
Yes. With lots of water sport facilities and a large sandy beach Cape Maclear is very welcoming to families. However we cannot accommodate them at the centre. There are houses to rent in the area.

What are the clinic opening hours?
The clinic opens from 7.30am/12.00 and 2.00 pm to 4.40pm Monday to Friday. Weekend hours are much shorter. There is a 24hour emergency service. The work rota is done on a weekly basis. Free time is dependent on the number of volunteers available for work.

Can I talk directly to recent volunteers?

How do I go about applying?
Completion of the online application form and later a personal interview. Interviews are conducted online or by phone.

Do you conduct interviews in the UK?
Interviews are generally conducted in the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland.


The sourcing and procurement of drugs continues to be both difficult and expensive in Malawi.

Patients presenting with Covid-19 symptoms have not, so far, been seen at the clinic. Social distancing, hand washing and community awareness campaigning is ongoing as we hope to avoid the virus.

With the ongoing drastic reduction of supply of electricity from the national grid, funded by Billys USA, we are solar powered in the clinic.