The Billys

Since we first arrived in Cape Maclear and opened The Billy Riordan Memorial Clinic the volunteers who have come to work with the organisation have been known locally as “The Billys.” The Billys is a term which includes all volunteers both medical and non- medical. Our volunteers range in age from twenty six years old to seventy five years old. They come in the most part from Ireland and the U.K. However Dutch Canadian and Australian volunteers have also joined us from time to time. We welcome applications from all parts of the world. Completion of the application form, available elsewhere on this site, is the first step. All applicants are interviewed in person before being offering a placement. Applicants must be prepared to spend a minimum of 4 months with us in Malawi. Registration with the local professional bodies, The Medical Council of Malawi and The Nursing and Midwives Council (NMCM) is required for all volunteer doctors and nurses. A period of orientation in a local hospital is mandatory prior to registration.

Many of the volunteers (The Billys) on returning home have maintained contact with each other. Known as “The Friends of Billys” they stay in touch with each other and in many instances remain in contact with those who are on long term placements with the Trust in Malawi. There have been several get togethers held in Ireland and U.K. when ex Billys meet and reminisce happily about their time in Cape Maclear.

Over the intervening years many volunteers have given their time, energy and expertise ensuring the service provided at the clinic was continuous. Dr Jeannette Van Os who was clinic director up to 2021, worked tirelessly for the advancement of services at the clinic.


The sourcing and procurement of drugs continues to be both difficult and expensive in Malawi.

Patients presenting with Covid-19 symptoms have not, so far, been seen at the clinic. Social distancing, hand washing and community awareness campaigning is ongoing as we hope to avoid the virus.

With the ongoing drastic reduction of supply of electricity from the national grid, funded by Billys USA, we are solar powered in the clinic.