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Statement relating to Funds and Costs

In view of the scandals and revelations which are emerging around the charity sector in Ireland and abroad we wish to make the following facts available to our donors :

The Billy Riordan Memorial Trust is a registered Charity .As an Irish registered Charity we submit audited our accounts each year to the Companies Registration Office. While we do not publish these accounts on the web site for a number of reasons, all our audited accounts, signed by an independent accountancy firm, are freely available on the Companies Registration Office web site. Please go to Click on Companies search and enter The Billy Riordan Memorial Trust. This will bring up a page with the name of the company. Then simply click on ‘view list of submissions’ to see our audited accounts since 2004.

In relation to salaries please note the following :
1. The CEO of the Trust receives a salary of 17,000 Euro per year with no top ups or extra payments.
2. Thirty-two local employees are in full time employment in Malawi and in receipt of a local wage which well above minimum, salary obligations.
3. The Trust manages a clinic, which treats more than 16,000 general patients per annum and 12,000 HIV patients per year. In addition the Trust runs an under fives feeding programme, a malaria education programme, a second and Tertiary education programme. Commencing in January 2014 cataract and other eye surgical procedures will be available at the clinic
4. The total cost of the project is Euro 150,000 per annum.
5. Percentage of donations which go directly to the project: 96 %

please download our director's report and financial statements here:


Patients presenting with Covid-19 symptoms have not, so far, been seen at the clinic. Social distancing, hand washing and community awareness campaigning is ongoing as we hope to avoid the virus.

With the ongoing drastic reduction of supply of electricity from the national grid, funded by Billys USA, we are now solar powered both in the clinic and at the gap.
Dr Eugene Meyer a noted ophthalmic surgeon from South Africa and his South African nursing assistants travel to the Billy clinic 3/4 times per year performing cataract surgery and other procedures.