Lost In Film screened Africa United on 28th Feb 2011 to raise money for a Malawi clinic, after one of their committee members worked there for four months in 2010. Cat Brewer is a nurse with 10 years experience and a particular interest in tropical diseases. In this presentation which was shown before the film, she shares her experiences of working in the clinic.


Patients presenting with Covid-19 symptoms have not, so far, been seen at the clinic. Social distancing, hand washing and community awareness campaigning is ongoing as we hope to avoid the virus.

With the ongoing drastic reduction of supply of electricity from the national grid, funded by Billys USA, we are now solar powered both in the clinic and at the gap.
Dr Eugene Meyer a noted ophthalmic surgeon from South Africa and his South African nursing assistants travel to the Billy clinic 3/4 times per year performing cataract surgery and other procedures.